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We believe that there are a few categories, genres or aspects of porn that somebody has to go through and master to make himself or herself a true pornstar. One of those genres undoubtedly would be hospital porn. First of all there is a huge difference between looking good naked and looking good in a nurse uniform. Wait, what did he say? Looking good in a nurse outfit is hard? Is he out of his mind? Well let me explain. Running around in a nurse outfit is already damn hot. Cut short at the thighs and deep around the breasts, some cute little bonnet - what’s not to like? My point exactly. How are you going to top that? How do you make the viewer both absolutely love how horny and nasty the girl is looking and still want that outfit to come off later? And how do you avoid, as an actress, disappointing both everyone on set and at home? One moment you are the hottest piece of ass on earth, the next you are just another naked slut performing anal masturbation with some lube and a dildo. Not easy.
RedTube can`t solve this problem, but we surely do what we can to help all of you ‘appreciate’ the severity of the situation. So go ahead and enjoy.